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Saturday 6 July 2024, 5:00-7:00 pm, Chapel, Huize Scherpenheuvel
Transatlantic Guitar Duo Recital, with the cooperation of Ilja Huang (piano)

Guitarists Elger Verschuur and Terence de Haseth met for the first time on the island of Bonaire and formed the Bonaire Guitar Duo in 2013. As a duo they played regularly at various places on Bonaire as well as on Curacao and Aruba, also collaborating with other local artists.

Coming from different musical backgrounds with Elger as a classical guitarist and Terence more as a rock and flamenco guitarist, it enabled them to play many different styles by combining their experience and skills.

After a few years playing together with weekly gigs and many other special occasions, they parted ways as Elger left the island. They both continued playing their guitars and they still work together for specific occasions, despite being divided by the Atlantic ocean. In 2023 they had a sold out guitar recital on Bonaire after many years. This was broadcasted on a local TV station and was very well received by the people of Bonaire.
For this occasion on Curacao Elger and Terence are getting together again to play a extensive collection of music pieces varying from classical to flamenco, latin and even pop. It’s even more special that this time they will be accompanied by the renowned classical pianist Ilja Huang from Curacao, making this a new collaboration with even more musical possibilities.

Wednesday 15 May 2024, 7:30 pm, Fort Church, Curaçao'
Encontro Azul', with Henk van Twillert & Vento do Norte Saxophone Ensemble (Portugal).

Also in:
Aruba: Saturday 11 May, Cas di Cultura, 7.30 pm
Bonaire: Saturday 18 May, Art Centre SACA, 7 pm

Imagine the evening, where Henk van Twillert and his talented companions "Vento do Norte" take you to various places around the world with their program "Encontro Azul". An encounter with Un Sueño in Re minor by Gerard Palm together with Astor Piazzolla's stirring Libertango, Leonard Cohen's life song Halleluja in duo with the compelling Air by Johann Sebastian Bach, or the melancholy of Portuguese Fado in Cançao do Mar, which continues to dream with Curaçao in the beautiful twilight of Rudy Plaate's Atardi.
An emotional moment will be when the musicians will play compositions by musicians with whom Henk has worked in the past; Despedida by Wim Statius Muller, Abo So by Padú del Caribe and the Pavane para Guiomar by Livio Hermans.
Versatile, competent, passionate and sincere, Henk van Twillert brings together a generation of musicians, each with their own unique sound, who together leave an indelible impression.

Henk van Twillert - Soprano & Baritone Saxophone
Nuno Ramos - Soprano & Alto Saxophone
Vítor Marçal - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
Gonçalo Silva - Tenor Saxophone
Eugénio Silva - Baritone & Tenor Saxophone

Read about Henk van Twillert on his website and find numerous recordings on his youtube channel.. You can hear the Vento do Norte Saxophone Ensemble here, playing 'Song of the Sea'.

Saturday 16 March 2024, 5:00 - 7:00 pm, Chapel, Huize Scherpenheuvel
Sunset Concert: "Spiegel im Spiegel"- Infinity in Music
The program is a delightful journey through the centuries, from soothing baroque to timeless new age. Inge Laurijssens (violin) and Annemarie Konijnenburg (viola) play solo, duet, and also perform as a trio ensemble for you, together with Ilja Huang (piano). The Curacao String Ensemble will complement the classics with well-known movie and pop themes. The program will be enjoyed by youth as well! Recommended minimum age: 7+  See our 'activiteiten' page for ticket details.


"Superá", 27 January 2024, Auditorium of the University of Curacao
One woman show by Caresse Isings, and musicians Ernesto Paz and Roselin Bey

Festive Classics 2023 (Saturday 16 December and Sunday 17 December), Chapel Huize Scherpenheuvel
WIth Anna Rabinova (violin), Armin Würz (Oboe), Ilja Huang (piano), String Ensemble Curaçao, José Reyes (percussion).

Friday 9 June, Fort Church
Saturday 10 June, Governor's Palace
With pianist Ketevan Sharumashvili and Jeroen Dupont.


Friday 3 March 2023, Kapel Huize Scherpenheuvel, 7:30-8:30 pm

Saturday 11 February 2023, Kapel Huize Scherpenheuvel, 5-7 pm

Saturday 10 december 2022, Kapel Huize Scherpenheuvel, 5-7 pm

CHRISTMAS CONCERT & SING-ALONG for the whole family
Sunday 18 December, 11 am - 1 pm